Unit Goals

The purpose of unit goals is to challenge the unit and cadets to get involved with the unit, school, community, etc.

  • Cadet Impact

    The Corps of Cadets will have a 98% passage rate of for JROTC. Also, 80% of cadets will improve on their PFA (Physical Fitness Assessment). 90% of the Corps of Cadets will pass their 4 core classes.

  • Unit Impact

    The Corps of Cadets will have no more than 30 uniform violation letters per quarter, maintain an 85% retention rate of cadets from the previous academic year, and recruit over 130 new cadets for the next academic year.

  • Community Impact

    Each cadet will have 18 community service hours at the end of 3rd quarter. The corps of cadets will collect up to 1500 charitable items by the end of the year. As a unit, the cadets will do 30 school/community service projects by the end of the year.

Meet Our Instructors

These are the wonderful instructors of this unit!

  • Maj. Willis Clark

    Maj. Willis Clark


  • MSgt. Jason Blake

    MSgt. Jason Blake


  • MSgt. Angela Powell

    MSgt. Angela Powell


2019-2020 Community Service

  • 4391

    Community Service Hours